Thinking of selling your airplane?
Want to maximize its value and minimize your stress?

Let AirplanesUSA sell it for you!

As one of America´s premier aircraft brokerage networks, our sales reach is worldwide. We routinely receive global requests for various aircraft makes and models along with different specifications and are always in need of additional quality brokerage aircraft.

We make it simple for you. 

We will invest our marketing effort and capital on your behalf – doing what we do best – selling airplanes. When you list your aircraft with us, you will be granted our depth of market penetration, aircraft sales experience, and superior sales track record without incurring any upfront fees. Only upon the closing of the sale of your aircraft do we earn our commission.

Our professional pilot sales staff helps to expedite each transaction by assisting both buyers and sellers with a multitude of essential services that are simply not found with private sales. These added value items often make the difference in closing a sale expeditiously. Additionally, you will find that our experience and personal backgrounds help to instinctively anticipate and resolve various problems that occasionally arise, avoiding aggravation and facilitating a trouble-free, smooth transaction.

AirplanesUSA facilitates financing, trades, appraisals, escrow, title searches, contracts, inspections, FAA documentation, exports, foreign and domestic delivery, and more.

If you are looking to move into a different airplane, we can often assist you with sales/use tax advantage via a trade -in,  whether for an aircraft within our own inventory or one selected from the open market.

At AirplanesUSA, we have worked hard to build and maintain a reputation of honesty and integrity. Our customers´ testimonials tell it best! Please take a moment to read through them and see what makes us different.

Our aircraft sales network allows us to broker any type of aircraft regardless of its location.  We also selectively purchase aircraft into inventory.

Why not have your aircraft represented by AirplanesUSA? Take advantage of our resources. You will get the most value, and we absolutely will go the “extra-mile” for you!

We look forward to serving you soon – call and give us a try!

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