What is my aircraft worth?

Aircraft Apraisal. Once you become an AirplanesUSA customer, we will provide you with its current book value(s). Please contact us to get started!



The goal of any aircraft appraisal is to find its fair market value.  AirplanesUSA can provide two types of aircraft appraisals:

  • “Desktop” Valuations (aircraft generic – free to our clients)
  • Official Appraisals (aircraft specific – fee based)

The Aircraft Digest (Aircraft Blue Book – ABB) is our authority for aircraft valuations since it is the most respected and widely used subscription service within the industry. ABB researches thousands of aircraft models on a quarterly basis. Additional information about ABB may be obtained on their website at

You should never judge an aircraft´s value by the asking prices of other aircraft (despite similarities) since they are just that – “asking prices”.

“DESKTOP VALUATIONS” are considered “un-official” since they are not the result of thorough inspections. These are straight-forward, simplified ballpark valuations meant to be a general guide as to what an airplane might be worth. They will likely not contain all of the possible valuation items for an aircraft nor will they have any adjustments for damage history, missing logbooks, etc. These valuations are similar to those used by financial institutions in approving aircraft loans.

“OFFICIAL APPRAISALS” require a physical inspection of the aircraft and its logbooks. We check the aircraft´s condition and itemize all of its components. Logbooks are checked for completeness, damage history, and AD compliance. Additionally, we review comparable aircraft in the marketplace and look for possible pricing trends or other market factors which could affect the aircraft.


An Aircraft Apraisal begins with its “Base Average” which is detailed within the report. It assumes that an aircraft possesses all the basic items that originally came with the aircraft and that the aircraft has an average number of flight hours, a “mid-time” engine, no damage history, all logbooks, all AD´s up-to-date, and that the aircraft is in airworthy condition with at least 6-months remaining before its next due annual inspection. Thereafter, all values will need to be adjusted upward or downward from the aircraft´s base average value.

The general values given for specific items (i.e., avionics equipment) are provided unaltered from what ABB publishes based on the equipment´s age. You should note, however, that ABB does not provide a value for every possible item nor modification to an aircraft (but then again, neither do each of the other valuation-providing services).

Aside from avionics, airframe time, and engine times, for example, a few other items are “judgmental” in value since there is no official guidance. For example, the value of an aircraft with damage history or missing logbooks will need to be reduced on a case by case basis. Also of judgmental value is the value of new paint, a new interior, or a complete avionics upgrade. It is expected that an aircraft possess average paint, interior, and avionics within its base value. Therefore, the full cost of these items can rarely be justified. We might “suggest” a “Prime Condition Aircraft Adjustment”, but please realize that the real value lies in the marketplace.

Our appraisals usually provide two different values; “Average Retail” and “Inventory/Wholesale“. Most aircraft today tend to sell between these two values unless an aircraft is in prime condition.

All valuations, once provided, can always further be subject to depreciation/appreciation, a change in the economic climate (i.e., the price or availability of fuel), and/or a change in the supply and demand for particular type of aircraft.

If you are thinking about selling your aircraft, please consider allowing AirplanesUSA to market the aircraft and find you a rightful buyer. We will be happy to review its valuation with you and help you obtain the most for your aircraft!

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