MiG 21UM

Year 1973
Type Warbirds
Make MiG
Model 21UM
Price CALL!
Registration N711MG
Serial 5695175
Total Time 1345
Location IL


1973 MiG-21UM:

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AirplanesUSA Aircraft Sales is honored to present this rare and exciting aircraft to market.

This former Eastern Block Air Force jet fighter was manufactured in Tbilisi, Georgia, former USSR at factory 31 in 1973. It was accepted by the Polish Air Force in June of 1973, and served for 19 years. All original military maintenance engine and airframe logbook records are available as well as a recorded history of all regiments and bases.

Following nearly two decades of active military service, the aircraft was put into storage in 1991, and after the fall of the communist wall it was purchased by Arrowcrest Equity and shipped to the United States in 1992.

The aircraft was brought back to service through an extensive US certification conducted by Aviation Classics, Reno, Nevada.

It was purchased by its current owner in 1998 and has been used under contract as adversary Red Air for training with the United States Marines, USAF, and US Navy.

The aircraft is an exciting airshow and exhibition plane, and has Mach 2 speed performance.

We are available for training, export and worldwide delivery.

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Serial Number 5695175
FAA Certified FAR91 Experimental Exhibition Day VFR


1345 Total Hours
Capable of Mach 2 Speed

18,200 pounds with full fuel and two pilots

G Limitations:
+7 without belly tank installed
+6 with belly tank (Also restricted to 540 KIAS and 1.6 Mach)

Fuel Capacity:
Full Internal Tanks 645 gallons
Belly Tank 129 gallons
Total Full Fuel 775 gallons (5038 pounds)
Cross country range approximately 400 nautical miles with reserve

Engine Specs:

Tumansky R-11F2SK-300 Turbojet with afterburner
13,600 lbs thrust with afterburner
8,600 lbs thrust in mil power
165 Hours Since Factory Overhaul
1240 Hour Life Limit


Certified for annual and 100 hour inspections, and has been maintained under a progressive recurring inspection regimen since 2003.


Live KM-1 Dual Ejection Seats with factory new pyro

Extensive Spares Package also available including:

Complete set of manuals including, but not limited to POH, Performance, Technical Description Manuals (TDM’s) for entire plane and engine.
Manuals for inspections of airframe components including weapons/fire controlAll logbooks for engine(s) and airframe from date of mfg
Current A/F and Engine log’s with US FAA Approved MTX Program
All plugs, covers, gust lock and chocks,Tow bar
Engine (R-11F2SK-300) complete with A/B assem. and nozzle control ring (currently in a hangar in Detroit, MI)
14 main tires, 9 nose2 retreaded mains…as yet uninstalled and tested for wheel well clearance
1 complete set NOS tires mounted on wheels and ready for installation
4 ea. KT-92b main wheel brakes
2 ea. KT-102 nose wheel brakes
4 packed landing drag chutes (one is in the jet) including repacking cylinder, mallet and hyd.
Press1 engine driven hyd. Pump
1 Emerg. Hyd. Pump (new brushes)
1 Starter/Gen. (new brushes)
2 A/B relay control boxes

Misc. ejection seat/headrest spares
Crew cockpit O-2 regulator
Battery start cart. New batteries Mar. ’09 and charger installed
Metric tools
Nav light set
APY-7 missle rails490
Helmet for rear seat occupant w/PPK-1 Anti-‘G’ trousers
2 USAF olive green flight suits
Hyd. Mule hoses with compatible adapters to service hyd. Sys. w/o starting engine

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Aircraft location:

The aircraft is hangared in Northern Illinois.

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Worldwide export and delivery available.
All trades considered.

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