MiG 21U

Year 1967
Type Warbirds
Make MiG
Model 21U
Price $69,500
Registration N315RF
Serial 4418
Total Time 1921
SMOH 144
Location CA


1967 MiG 21U

N315RF is currently owned by the San Diego Flight Museum, has been regularly flown and has made air show appearances thrughout the US.

The aircraft previously flew out of Burlington, Vermont for 10 years as a test pilot evaluation training aircraft for NAS Pax river. It was purchased by the San Diego Flight Museum in 1997 where it has been flown by Chief Astronaut Charlie Precourt, Shuttle Commander “ Hoot” Robert Gibson and ex RCAF pilot and Museum President, Reg Finch. It has been lovingly cared for by the Museum staff and used primarily to attend air shows in Southern California where it was always the center of attraction with long lines to see the cockpit of this once formidable adversary.

This ex-Hungarian air force jet fighter has 2 seats, self start capability, ( Upgrade ) , King Avionics, Odyssey “Starved Electrolyte" batteries, ample luggage space in the nose and good visibility out the front windshield due to gun sight removal ( Also an upgrade ) .

This is an easy aircraft in which to check out in and remain proficient. It has no bad flying characteristics . Rock solid construction provides high reliability. It is a “ Fast Mover “ with excellent subsonic performance , and due to its light weight , has good maneuvering capability exceeding our Viet Nam fighters. Its performance really excels in the supersonic mode due to its simple and reliable supersonic inlet and low “ Wave drag “ delta wing.

This is a fabulous airplane for the high performance enthusiast. It is an elegant and simple engineering solution for a truly Mach 2 aircraft with high acceleration and maneuverability. Knowledgeable pilots have selected it over the F-16 or Mig 29 for the pure pleasure of flying.

Light at 11,000 lbs empty, 15,500 lbs full fuel and 12.700 lbs afterburning thrust gives it phenomenal performance.

Always hangared and upgraded.

TT: 1921; TTEngine : 594.5 ; SMOH : 130.2.

Self-start capability ( no cross country flying without it) ; forward visibility by obsolete fire control systems removal); flush Nav lights; King radios , GPS and transponder; US General Design 4300-8170-1L artificial horizon and Narco DGO-10 direction indicator ; 80,000 foot Kollsman altimeter; standby compass ; English placards; improved rear seat leg room ; parking brake . All removed items included as well as : Fuselage fuel tank ; wing pylons and rails for military contract flying; English maintenance and flight manuals ; Pilots’ check list ; fuselage and wing stands for ground transportation or wing removal. Mig 21 U tow bar. Can provide flight training and engineering services. Can provide fresh annual.

A minimum of $4,500 refundable deposit will be required with purchase offer payable to the California Flight Museum.

We are available for dual instruction, export and worldwide delivery. All trades considered.

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1921 TTAF
Engine Specs:
Tumansky R-11F-300 has 595 Total Time Since New
130 Since Overhaul

Equipment Information:

Extra parts and spares:
5 main tires and 2 nose tires
One engine driven fuel pump NR-21F
2 Main wheels
1 Nose wheel
1 drop tank ( 140 gallon approximate)
2 Ordinance pylons
2 missile rails
10 used but serviceable main tires and a custom canopy cover.


King Digital

CLICK HERE - Video documentary narrated by Peter Ustinov featuring this MiG 21U!

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