Glasair III RG

Year 2003
Type Experimental
Make Glasair
Model III RG
Price $115,000
Registration N135RC
Serial 3335
Total Time 450
SMOH 450
Location FL


This beautiful plane was built and owned by one owner. It is ready to go and IFR certified.

218 knots TAS and 3 ½ hours of fuel. It has full IFR capability along with a Tru-Trak autopilot and WiFi Nexrad Radar data to your iPad.

When considering the price, consider the parts to build a Glasair III:

Glasair III kit: $65,000
Overhauled IO540-K1B5: $55,000
McCauley Prop for Glasair III: $12,000
Basic Instruments/IFR Avionics/Auto-pilot, etc. $20,000
Paint: $10,000 - $15,000
Leather Interior: $5,000 +
That’s $172,000 just for the parts…then you’ll have to spend years building it.

Dual Instruction, Export and Worldwide Delivery Available.

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450 TT (as of 5/28/15)
Serial Number 3335
52 Gallons Fuel
Electric Slotted Flaps with LCD position readout
Flap warning light: Illuminates when flaps are down but gear is up
Infinity Control Stick with 6 switches/7 functions
Elevator and Aileron Trim (coolie hat)
Hydraulic Pump Override
Fuel Pump
Start Button
Center, Quadrant-Style, Throttle/Prop/Mixture
Removable co-pilot stick
Passenger Side Removable Step
BEW 1675#
Gross Weight 2400#
Useful Load 725
2006: Damage to left landing gear side brace rib during tight, high speed turn. Rib replaced and braced in consultation with kit manufacturer.

PLEASE NOTE: This aircraft was built to fly from the right seat. It was built so a pilot could have the stick in his right hand and throttle quadrant in the center. This is how every fighter plane has ever been built and is much more natural to fly.

Engine Specs:

Custom Built for owner by Central Cylinder Service
Lycoming IO540-K1B5
Serial Number L-21165-48A
450 SMOH (as of 5/28/15)
Total Time: 4235 (as of 5/28/15)
NOTE: the only original parts of this engine are the case, the re-ground camshaft, and tappets: all other parts, including the crankshaft, were new at overhaul.
Compressions at last annual (12/10/14) 75/76/77//75/76/76


McCauley B2D37C229-B
Serial Number 689
450 TTSNEW(as of 5/28/15)
188 SMOH (as of 5/28/15) Overhauled Dec 2010

Equipment Information:

Upgraded Matco W51LXT extra torque brakes
Heated Pitot Tube
Lightweight Sky-Tec Starter
Slick Start ignition boost system
Lightweight Odyssey battery
Battery Minder smart charger
Wingtip strobes/position lights
Tail strobe/position light
Electric Elevator Trim on stick with LCD position readout
Electric Aileron Trim on stick
Nitrogen Blowdown Bottle for Emergency gear extension….no pumping!
Lighted Rocker Switches
Nav Lights
Pitot Heat
Landing Light
Master Switch
Backlit instruments with dimmer
Powerful LED landing light on nose wheel strut
Digital Outside Air Temperature Gauge
(2) Auxiliary Power Plugs (cigar lighter style)
Cabin heat
(2) Lightspeed Zulu noise-cancelling headsets with LEMO connectors included
Powered from ship’s bus…no batteries! $2000 value.
Heavy Duty, personalized canopy cover by Bruce’s Custom Covers included
Glasair custom tow bar included
Jacks included

Inspection Status:

Annual Inspection Due December 2015. Will sell with fresh annual
IFR Certification Due June 2017


Apollo (Now Garmin) SL-10 Audio Panel
Apollo (Now Garmin) Sl-30 Nav/Comm with standby monitoring function
OBS with VOR/Localizer and Glide Slope
Apollo (Now Garmin) SL-70 Transponder w/VFR button and ACK encoder
Garmin 155 XL IFR enroute/approach approved GPS hooked to autopilot
Skybound adapter to update GPS card included
Tru-Trak Digiflight II 2-Axis Auto-Pilot with climb/descent rate select,
Heading Select, GPS Track and Autotrim
WxWorx Nexrad Weather Receiver hooked to Baron Systems WiFi
Nexrad data on your iPad (requires Foreflight and XM Wx subscriptions)
Vision Microsystems VM-1000 Engine Monitoring System
6 probe EGT/CHT
Lean Function
Fuel Pressure
Fuel totalizer including GPH/Gallons Remaining/Hours Remaining/Fuel add
Oil Temperature and Pressure
Volts and Amps
Autotrack function
Data recorder
All displays show digital and analog readout
All displays annunciate when readings deviate from notional
Davtron M800 Digital Chronometer with countdown/count-up timer

Year Interior:

Two Tone Grey leather/cloth interior with blue carpet
Installed 2005
Modified, larger baggage compartment

Year Exterior:

White Imron with Blue and Grey Stripes
Painted 2004

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