Extra Flugzeugbau 300L

Year 2006
Type Aerobatic
Make Extra Flugzeugbau
Model 300L
Price $247,000
Registration ZS-OLR
Serial 1229
Total Time 495
Location S. Africa


AirplanesUSA Aircraft Sales proudly presents this South African registry Extra 300L to market. The aircraft was involved in an off field landing in February of 2013 and sustained damage to wings and underbelly. The aircraft was rebuilt with factory new wings ($130,000 USD) and is ready for custom paint and export to anywhere in the world.


495 Hours Total Time Since New
Zero Time Factory New Wings

This aircraft was involved in an accident. It subsequently received a comprehensive rebuild with the following work done:
• Engine tear down and rebuilt with new hoses and O/H components.
• Airframe stripped to frame and repaired followed by a comprehensive x-ray inspection
• New Extra factory wings ($130,000 USD)
• New rear fuselage fabric
• New propeller
• New landing gear and wheels
• Painted in plain white ready for customization

Repair Documentation from Maintenance Record:

1. Replaced mail undercarriage strut assembly, part no:53100.000-lv serial no 955 EASA fonn 1 17112013 refers
2. Replace complete wing and ailerons assembly, part no 16100.000-iv serial no 666 EASA form 1 171/20013 refers
3. Installed engine after shock load inspection (Teardown)
4. Installed new propeller, MTV-9-B-C serial no130793, CRMA 0800889 refers
5. NDT Inspections carried out on main frame &. engine mount
6. Installed new lower engine cowling, part no 23205.0
7. Lower belly panel, top cover and under carriage strut fairings fiber glass repaired & painted i.a w chapter 57 -70-03 & installed. 8. Rear fuselage recovered in Ceconite i.a.w Ceconite 101 procedure manual rev June 2008.
9. Re-installed horizontal stabilizer fin, rudder & elevators.
10. The aircraft was assembled i.a.w XTRA manual F.A-07702 rev September 2014
11. All control systems checked for correct range and sense of movement. Fuel system flushed and flow tested. Brakes serviced and bled. Pitot Static test carried out.
12. Engine ground run i.a.w. Lycoming manual no 6A297-21 rev June 2OA7 and found fully serviceable.
13. Certified this aircraft safe for ferry flight from Wonderboom Airport to Vereeniging Airfield for MPI and re-issue of CofA

Engine Specs:

Lycoming AEIO-540-LIB5
Serial Number L-3 I 236-48A
495 Hours Since New

Zero Hours Since Teardown Inspection:
Lycoming engine was dismantled, Cleaned, Inspected to carry out a shockload inspection. -the engine was re-assembled iaw Lycoming Overhaul Manual 60294-1-14 dated July 2011 and Service Table of Limits SSP 776. Magnetic and Fluorescent inspection carried out iaw, ASTI 4 E-1.444 Rev l2 and ASTM E-1417 i.ev I 3 and parts found free from defects at time of inspection. Crankshaft V537939443 was inspected and found to be serviceable. Cylinders were re-bored to P0l0 and repaired as required. Valves lapped, installed and fuel checked for leaks. Cylinders S/N´s #1 Y6493057089-3, t2 v6493057089-24.1t3 Y6493054046-16, #4 V649305675 6-2. #s V6493057089-17, #6 V6493052582-17.


MTV-9-B-C serial umber 130793
Factory New 2014


Becker COM and Transponder
JPI 700 – Engine monitor
JPI 450 – Fuel flow
Sigtronics intercom

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