Eclipse 500

Year 2007
Type Corporate Jets
Make Eclipse
Model 500
Price CALL!
Total Time New
Location FL


2007 Eclipse 500 :


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 News Flash:

Eclipse Aviation has received full type certification for the Eclipse 500 jet. The airplane is now certified for single-pilot and day/night VFR and IFR operations. It is also certified under reduced vertical separation minima (RVSM) standards.

"We successfully launched a new aviation company, developed and certified a truly revolutionary aircraft, and created a whole new market segment that helped return relevancy and growth to general aviation," said Eclipse CEO Vern Raburn. Eclipse plans to start delivering airplanes to customers soon. So far, the company has more than 2,500 orders to fill.

About the Eclipse 500 (as per Manufacturer):

The Eclipse 500 is the least expensive twin-turbofan business jet in the world, delivering acquisition and operating costs that are dramatically lower than those of current entry-level jets. The Eclipse 500 gives customers technologies and capabilities traditionally only found in jets costing millions more. Further lowering customer cost of ownership, the Eclipse 500 is designed for high hour/cycle operations, providing airline-like reliability and dispatch availability.

The Eclipse 500 is powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW610F engines that are flat rated at 900 pounds of thrust and feature a dual-channel Full Authority Digital Electronic Control (FADEC). Designed with an approximately 50 percent reduction in parts count, the PW610F incorporates the latest technologies while offering optimum value to the operators.

Using a test fleet of five FAA conforming aircraft, the Eclipse 500 was certified in more than 1,800 flights and 2,700 flight hours. To meet the FAA‘s stringent performance and safety requirements, Eclipse‘s comprehensive flight test program assessed the Eclipse 500‘s performance across thousands of test points that examined aircraft handling, flight characteristics, avionics and electronics performance, environmental/noise impact, systems reliability and aircraft safety.

Tooled and designed for high-volume, low-cost production, Eclipse plans to deliver more than 50 Eclipse 500s through the end of 2006.

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