ABOUT AirplanesUSA

AirplanesUSA  sales brokerage was established in 2005 by combining two successful aircraft sales businesses.

Steve Feldman and Manny Camacho had operated as independent aircraft sales brokers for several years when their cordial friendship led to a joining of forces. Steve´s “MAS Aircraft Sales” in Kenosha, Wisconsin and Manny´s “Aero-Marine Connection of Florida” in Fort Lauderdale, Florida became known as AirplanesUSA of Chicago and AirplanesUSA of Florida, respectively.

By merging our operations, we were able to take our marketing strength to a higher-level by creating a “one-stop shopping” network to meet all of our customers´ needs.

Since then, AirplanesUSA has …

  • Added numerous sales representatives in various cities worldwide,
  • Expanded our operations to include San Francisco, CA
  • Become known as one of the largest aircraft dealers and brokerage firms in the USA!

AirplanesUSA averages over 60 aircraft sales transactions per year and we expect to exceed this pace as we continue to expand worldwide.

Steve Feldman and Manny Camacho are both career professional pilots and have flown a host of aircraft from single-engine general aviation airplanes to “Heavy” commercial jets. As pilots and aircraft owners, they know what aircraft buyers and sellers need and expect.

You can trust AirplanesUSA.  We certainly look forward to serving you.

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