Testimonial AirplanesUSA of Chicago

Hi Steve,

I purchased my 1975 Commander 112A almost a year ago now and I have thought of writing many times to thank you and have just been too busy. Today is a nice snowy Sunday morning and I think I have owned my Commander long enough that I must take the time to write you and let you know how happy I am with the actual purchase and the Commander itself!

 You made everything so easy! Your policy of being 100% honest is the absolute best approach! By knowing exactly what I was getting I can say that I am 100% satisfied!   I did a lot of research myself but I certainly had a lot of help from you as well. 

Thank you very much!
Chuck P.
Ashburn, VA

- Chuck P. Ashburn



This is an endorsement of my satisfaction with the job you, Kevin and your organization did in marketing my airplane. The whole process was painless, and produced the results I wanted within a very short time.

AirplanesUSA was referred to me by my local A&P/AI, after several months of my listing my airplane for sale with two well known publications (with limited and unsatisfactory results).

AirplanesUSA´s local representative, Kevin, met with me at my hangar, thoroughly explaining the procedures, methods and exposure used in marketing and sales as well as the costs, etc. After hearing and studying AirplanesUSA´s proposal and terms, a brokerage contract was executed. Kevin then spent several hours photographing and examining the aircraft, documenting the aircraft and engine logs and going over other documentation. He was thorough as well as courteous and helpful. The aircraft sold in a short time, at a price that was both fair and agreeable. AirplanesUSA arranged for an unbiased pre-buy inspection, and the sale was completed with minimum effort on my part. I believe that the new owner will be as satisfied as I am with the process. Further, I would not hesitate to recommend AirplanesUSA to others (in fact have done so). Thanks AirplanesUSA for a job, well done!

Charlie Starr, FL


- Charlie Starr Florida,FL


Dear Steve,

It is not often in life, and in fact truly rare, that some one will energetically help another person to fulfill a life long dream. You and AirplanesUSA have been that for me. I am still in awe over how you arranged so much for me so quickly.

I had gone to Oshkosh in August, tried on planes for size and ergonomics, made my decision on the Piper, then amazingly just what I wanted appeared on your web site. That, along with your endorsement, “This plane needs nothing . . .” convinced me to contact you. You can call that serendipity, but what followed was even more amazing. Within 72 hours of my deposit the plane was here practically on my doorstep in spite of the fact that it was hangared three states and 700 miles away! One demo flight and I knew I wanted it. It was all that you told me and even more.

Now, living a life full of disappointments (not unique I know), I fully expected some glitch to interfere with this acquisition. But, no way! You gave me the contacts for the lender and the insurance. I made phone calls, filled out papers and just like magic had the keys in my hand. This is my first airplane. I secretly wondered if maybe some one or some thing might save me from myself. I should have known, but didn´t at the time, that when you work with Steve Feldman, it is like making a wish to the mythical genie in the bottle! I must also give credit to the other brilliant members of your organization who helped with contacts and got papers delivered to the appropriate parties.

If I could sum up my experiences working with you folks I would have to say two things: First is “No disappointments!” and the second thing is “Acquiring an aircraft through Steve Feldman isn´t just fast, it´s sudden!”

Thank you for helping me to achieve one of the most proud moments that could take place in any one´s life, owning your very own airplane!

Most Sincerely,
Dr. Arthur Green, Jr.
Commander, United States Navy


- Dr. Arthur Green, Jr. Commander, United States Navy


Dear Steve,

I´ve written this recommendation of your work to share with your other clients.

“Steve is the very definition of professional. His high integrity, incredible depth of knowledge and ability to get great results translated to an outstanding experience for my acquisition of a Piper aircraft. I truly owe him for all those compliments I keep hearing at the ramp.

On top of that he takes time to understand you, is a joy to work with, and has a calm and thoughtful approach esp. when it is most needed. It is rare to find someone with Steve´s qualities, he is an absolute gem.”


Parth Srinivasa
Chicago, IL


- Parth Srinivasa Chicago, IL



Thanks so much for your help in selling my V35 Bonanza.

There were some issues during the prebuy that took longer than expected, but you helped us hang in there, and we eventually completed the sale. This was my first experience with a broker, and you certainly earned my trust.

Thanks again,

Barry Brannan
Carson City, Nevada


- Barry Brannan Carson City, Nevada


Hello Steve,

It is with great pleasure that I offer my referral for what I consider to be an excellent aircraft brokerage service offered by your organization. As you know I have had my Cessna T210 for sale off and on over several years either privately or with other brokers, but without success. You sold it, and being in the sales business myself, I am convinced it was due in large part to your persistence and absolute professional integrity.

Please accept my warmest regards to you and Krista.

Bob Sachs, CFII


- Bob Sachs Ohio


Dear Steve,

You saved me! My accountant said that they all must go by the end of the year – Five airplanes in four months! A C-150, two C-172s, a Bellanca Super Viking, and a Geronimo/Apache.

I tried for five months and no one called. Three other brokers would not handle my fleet because the commissions would be too small. One broker wanted to trade for an overpriced C-310. You took on this challenge and impressed me every step of the way, mission accomplished.

I´ve been in aviation on and off for 28 years. I´ve owned six airplanes. I´ve been ripped off and cheated more times than I can count. I was so frustrated that I considered sending my license back to the FAA and buying a boat.

Your honesty and professionalism exceeded my expectations. Not only did you sell my airplanes for a fair price, you handled all the paperwork and delivered the airplanes. I did nothing. You saved my license, and there are no boats in my future.

Now that my airplanes are gone what is next? Again, Steve to the rescue. You not only found my next two purchases, you found the right partners for those airplanes. You also found excellent maintenance and avionics shops. They are both honest and high quality shops. Your contacts and reputation is impressive.

Two things I´ve learned about aviation:

1. Never lease back your airplane to a flight school.

2. Always use Steve and AirplanesUSA to buy or sell an airplane.

I would like to say thank you. You restored my faith that here are honest and professional people in aviation. Feel free to have anyone call me for a reference anytime.

Thank you again,
Bob Tesmer (Illinois)


- Bob Tesmer Illinois



The decision to sell my modernized Cherokee 160 was an emotional one. Metal and wiring harnesses, yes, but…surely there is a soul in there somewhere. Steve Feldman evaluated my plane, thoroughly inspected all logs and records, and helped me set a fair asking price. Steve´s ad, with pictures he took of the plane while running, was outstanding – the information was there for prospective buyers to see the value. In probably the worst used airplane market in decades we waited patiently all summer for the right buyer to come along. Through that wait Steve was reassuring, always available, and lent me his 20 years brokering experience to rely on that it was only a matter of time. When the right buyer came along he handled everything beautifully for both parties. I could not have asked for better service or results from an aircraft broker.

Thank you, Steve, for your expertise and guidance – and Krista, for your cheerful communications and updates too!


Captain Dirk G. Vander Ende


- Captain Dirk G. Vander Ende


Hello Steve,

On Sunday I went to Aarhus (Denmark) to collect my new Cessna 172 SP – it is such a beautiful bird. I like this plane so much. You did a perfect job, and I am so happy about this plane you found for me. Right from the beginning when I came to know Michael Nelson, your sales representative in Germany, there was a deep confidence in you and your company, and I am happy to have worked together with you. Well, if one buys a plane from a different continent, a lot of problems might arise, but you always helped me so much throughout the whole process. The plane was able to demonstrate its reliability, too – it crossed over the pond. It is so exciting to own a bird that has come over about 3500 miles from the United States. I can recommend your company so much. Thanks for all.

Christoph A. Karle, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor of Cardiology
University of Heidelberg Medical School


- Christoph A. Karle, M.D., Ph.D. Heidelberg



I wanted to thank you one more time for helping with the purchase of our new plane.  I certainly am very happy with the 182RG.  I think the rest of the club is as well but, as you may suspect, I don´t get a lot of feedback.  I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking to buy or sell, and I am sure I will return when it is time for me to buy my Cirrus, although you may be retired by then.

Dr. William K., Columbia, MO
(Repeat Client)

- Dr. William K Columbia, MO



Thank you for your assistance in selling our plane. The Buyer admitted that he felt comfortable with you and decided on our plane because of your recommendations. I enjoyed working with you. I still can´t believe I chose to fly into Chicago class B with 25-30 knot winds but I did and it worked!!!

Dr. William K. , Columbia, MO

- Dr. William K Columbia, MO



I hope this note finds you well. I would like to take this opportunity to compliment you and your staff for a job well done in brokering the recent sale of our Cessna 310. You and your entire staff were extremely professional and a pleasure to work with. You can be sure that if I am ever in a position of needing to buy or sell an aircraft (or two), you will be the first person I call.

Please do not hesitate to use me as a reference for prospective clients you may have.

Many thanks,
Eddie Kemp
PG Aviation, Inc.
Northern Illinois


- Eddie Kemp PG Aviation, Inc.Northern Illinois



I want to take the opportunity to thank you for your efforts on my behalf during my recent purchase. I could not be more satisfied with my purchase but my complete satisfaction would not have been possible without your untiring efforts. I won´t rehash all of the details but suffice it to say that, for someone going through an aircraft purchase for the first time, there are a lot of complexities and nuances that have the potential to ratchet up the stress, especially when the plane and the purchaser are 2,000 miles apart. Again, without going into details, in my mind, what sets you apart from anyone involved in any of the major purchases that I´ve made over my lifetime is that throughout this transaction, I firmly believe (and still do) that you were far more interested in ensuring my complete satisfaction than you were in brokering the sale of an airplane I have sung your praises long and loud both at my flying club and among all of the pilots that I know and the message is consistent. If you are at all interested in buying or selling an airplane, contacting Steve Feldman at AirplanesUSA is the only way to go.

Thanks again Steve,

Frank Ladonne, Chicago, IL

- Frank Ladonne Chicago, IL



Just wanted to thank you again for coordinating the purchase of my new plane. Your help made it a very positive experience. I will recommend you to anyone else looking for an aircraft.

I was leery about purchasing long distance (New York from California), but your knowledge and suggestions made for a smooth and timely turnaround. I appreciated that you promptly answered my calls — and were attentive to my questions.

Thanks again — it´s a great plane — will have to plan a trip to meet with you soon.

Fred Anken, NY


- Fred Anken New York,NY


Dear Steve and Krista,

Now that the dust has settled, and the sale of my Cessna P-210 is complete with the money in the bank, I just want to thank you again for all the effort and work you did to complete an extremely difficult sale of the aircraft.

My plane was not airworthy when you listed it due to the engine being in pieces, but you never hesitated in your optimism of still being able to get the plane sold in an extremely difficult market, even with an airplane that the potential buyer couldn´t fly (My plane was not flyable…no operational engine)! That didn´t stop your enthusiasm, nor your incredible optimism, and before much time went by you had it sold.

Job well done, Steve and Krista, and if any potential customers want a recommendation of what AirplanesUSA can do for them, please have them call me any time.

Hank Noble – Former 32 year airplane owner
Portland, OR

- Hank Noble Portland, OR



Thank you very much for helping sell my Decathlon. Without your help, I don´t think I could have sold the airplane in such a short time and without all the hassle.

Again, thanks, and I can only recommend your services.

Henry Vogelgesang


- Henry Vogelgesang Illinois


To Whom it May Concern,

I started to earn my private pilot certificate in early 2010, and about half way through I made the tough decision to purchase an aircraft of my own. The first call was to Steve Feldman at AirplanesUSA. I had known Steve for a couple of years before I started my flying, and I knew his long history of aviation and professionalism.

I gave Steve a guideline depicting the type, cost and condition of the aircraft I was willing to buy. He guided me through the minefields of purchasing a pre-owned airplane and scrutinized a number of available aircraft before suggesting the airplane that I would eventually purchase.

AirplanesUSA made my purchase easy and safe. I am very happy with the organization of the sale and the cost. Thank you Steve for making my dream come true.

Ira Katz
Katz Aviation
Chicago, IL

- Ira Katz Katz AviationChicago, IL


Dear Steve,

Bob and I want to thank you so much for helping us buy our dream plane. a Bonanza! We certainly could not have obtained such a great airplane within our price range without your expertise. As first time airplane buyers we were very “green” on the whole process, yet you carefully guided us through step by step. You always watched out for our interests to ensure everything was right with the deal now, and when it comes time to sell in the future. We both were very impressed when we first went to see the airplane and you pointed out minor flaws that no one else noticed. Your professionalism and knowledge of negotiating the price within our budget were excellent. When snags in the negotiations arose, you always offered alternatives to keep the deal moving forward, especially when dealing with a demanding seller. We would also like to thank Krista who was always there to help, and for her expertise when it came time to fill out the endless paperwork concerning the purchase. As we fly our F33A we will think of you both and be grateful for all you´ve done. Again thank you and happy flying!

Jean and Bob Forni
Spring Grove, IL


- Jean and Bob Forni Spring Grove, IL



Really had a great experience working with your business especially with Eric Short.   He is extremely helpful and a straight shooter.  He let the facts speak for themselves, was very open and up front about everything through the whole process.

Thanks again

Jim Novakoski, MI
New Mooney “Missile” Owner

- Jim Novakoski New Mooney "Missile" OwnerMI


Kevin and Steve,

I wanted to send a quick email expressing how thankful I am to you for selling the Warrior. You were not only helpful but very patient, especially with a novice like me. The whole process went smoothly, and this was evidenced by how well the closing went in face of last minute circumstances. I do feel that the new owner is getting a solid airplane and I know he was treated with the best in courtesy.

Please feel free to use me as a recommendation to any future clients and I look forward to talking soon.

Very best regards,

Larry Duquette, Lagrange, GA

- Larry Duquette Lagrange, GA



I just wanted to thank you again for the guidance you provided in the purchase of my airplane.

As someone new to aviation, and a first time aircraft buyer, I certainly had the potential to have made costly mistakes. It was not only your extensive knowledge and experience in the industry, but your accurate assessment of my needs that gave me the confidence that you were a genuine advocate for me, and not just looking to sell a plane. The greatest indication of the level of trust that you earned came when you called me while I was on vacation with my family in Florida. Your excitement over having found “the right plane at the right price” put the wheels in motion for what turned out to be one of the smoothest transactions I have ever encountered. And, it was the trust that I had in you that allowed me to buy a plane sight unseen from over 1000 miles away. Not only did you facilitate the transaction, but you arranged for, and personally oversaw the pre-purchase inspection, ferried the plane back to my airport, introduced me to an insurance broker, and saw to it that the plane was washed and parked in the hanger for my return. And, it didn´t end there. Your introductions to other members of the airport community have provided me with some great resources as well as helping me to feel right at home.

I continue to become more enamored with the plane with each occasion I have to fly it. Nevertheless, I recognize the time will come when I am ready to move on to my next plane. When that time comes, it will be Steve Feldman that I will trust to handle that transaction.

As you know, it was through your website that I first learned about AirplanesUSA. In particular, the testimonials that you have posted from the many satisfied customers gave me great confidence that you were the company that I wanted to deal with. Please feel free to post my note as well. I would also be happy to provide information to any of your prospective clients should they wish to contact me.

Larry Thalmann, III

L. J. Thalmann Co. DBA Chalet


- Larry Thalmann L. J. Thalmann Co. DBA ChaletIIlinois


Dear Steve,

Thank you so much for selling my aircraft for me. Your professionalism and understanding was greatly appreciated. Just when I was giving up, you came through and got the job done. You went above and beyond the call of duty. I am sure the lucky person who bought my plane appreciates the extra time and effort you put in. He purchased a very special aircraft.

Best Regards,
Lynn Hausermann
Chicago, IL


- Lynn Hausermann Chicago, IL


To Whom it May Concern,

I actually found my Piper Cherokee 160 on another site (I didn´t know about AirplanesUSA yet!), and sent Steve an email inquiring about the availability and price.

I informed him that I was currently working toward my PPL and that I would be using the airplane to get through that, as well as an instrument rating. Steve took the time to give me a very complete and thorough history of the airplane and talk to me about how it would work as a trainer. As this was my first aircraft purchase, I was hesitant, especially knowing that I would not be seeing the airplane until it showed up at my FBO in Southern Pines, NC.

Over the following weeks I continued to call Steve and receive updates about a few things that were being fixed and how the pre-buy inspection would take place. Never once did I feel I was alone during the process, Steve gave every bit of information I asked for and then some.

When it was time for the pre-buy, Steve had the plane flown to the mechanic I had selected, free of charge, and picked it up when they were finished! When the aircraft finally arrived in NC, I was excited and truly impressed that it arrived in exactly the state Steve told me it would. (Try that at a car lot!) It is a beautiful and solid airplane that will give me years of enjoyment and it flies like a dream!

Both Steve and Krista are consummate professionals, and truly have a customer in me for life. They not only build clients, they build friends. Bravo!

Kind regards,
Marvin Clark
Fayettville, NC


- Marvin Clark Fayettville, NC


Dear Steve,

Just a note to thank you for your professionalism and attentiveness in the purchase of our Cessna 310.

Your “Old School” approach of doing the right thing – always – is refreshing to say the least. While I always have trouble spending this kind of money, you made the transaction as stress free as possible, a mark of a true professional, and I feel honored to have had the privilege to work with you.

Please stay in touch and when in need we know we can count on you for assistance.

Matthew Matlach, FL


- Matthew Matlach Florida,FL


Dear Manny and Steve,

I´d like to take this opportunity to thank you for all you help regarding the sale of our Piper Aztec.

Being based in London, England, I was a little apprehensive about committing to the Atlantic ferry flight but, from that very first phone call, I had the feeling I was in safe hands.

To find an agent willing to source a ferry pilot, recommend a US insurance broker, negotiate the best local FBO tie-down rates, and arrange to have a mechanic do some minor maintenance is indeed a rarity.

You are both true professionals and offer a wealth of advice and guidance along with a very friendly service. I realize that there was additional work involved with the sale of this airplane for the both of you. However, you managed to provide me with honest, realistic and frequent advice on how to progress with the sale while keeping me informed of each of your leads.

We had previously listed the aircraft with another broker who offered neither the assistance, nor the wealth of leads that you guys managed to get.

Your commitment to trying to “close the deal” was obvious. I would absolutely have no hesitation in recommending AirplanesUSA to any fellow pilot looking to either buy or sell and aircraft, and I look forward to meeting you again next time you fly to the U.K.

Best Regards,
Mr. Ciaran Doyle (London, England)


- Mr. Ciaran Doyle London, England



I am writing to thank you again for all the help that you gave me while I was buying the Piper Arrow IV. As a first time aircraft buyer, I was unsure of the process and could have made more than a few mistakes. Your help and advice gave me the confidence that you were looking out for me, and not just looking to sell me a plane. The truthfulness and caution that you displayed proved that.

You steered me towards a great shop to do the pre-buy and helped get the airplane through the annual inspection – even calling me during your vacation! Not only did you work the transaction to the end, but you arranged for the ferry flight and gave me the information to coordinate with the insurance company for the ferry pilot. The airplane arrived a day earlier than I even asked for, and I was excited to see the airplane, that I had only seen by photo, turn out to be exactly what was described.

When it comes time to look for another airplane, or when someone asks me who they should use to purchase an airplane, I will be looking to use your services again.

Thank you again,

Patrick Roth


- Patrick Roth Connecticut



I want to thank you on behalf of my partners for the quick, professional job you did selling our Mooney 231. You clearly had done your homework to prepare for the sale, and it paid off in finding a buyer who recognized a quality product. I strongly recommend your services to anyone buying or selling an aircraft. Thanks!

Ralph Moser
Columbus, Wisconsin


- Ralph Moser Columbus, Wisconsin


To Whom it May Concern,

AirplanesUSA sold my aircraft. It was a one of a kind experimental aircraft, and was sold in a difficult market. Steve did an exceptional job, with honesty and perseverance. I would highly recommend AirplanesUSA Aircraft Sales to all prospective sellers.


Temecula, California


- RJL Temecula, California


Thank you to Steve, Krista and Matt for a job well done in selling my DA-20 Katana aircraft! I will be sure to recommend you to anyone I come in contact with. If you are ever down at Sun-n-Fun please look me up. I volunteer at the Front Registration and Ticket center each year.

Robbie B.
Miami, FL

- Robbie B Miami, FL


Dear Steve,

I want to thank you, Kevin Cocozzoli,  and your AirplanesUSA staff for selling my Cessna 305A Birdog and arranging for export to New Zealand.

This is the second aircraft that you have sold for me, and I have been pleased with the professionalism of your team and the results achieved.

Sam Dawson
Grey Bird Inc.
Baker, FL

- Sam Dawson Grey Bird Inc.Baker, FL