Our Airplanes-USA Team

Chris Haseitel

Christian Haseitel brings a wealth of aeronautical flight and aircraft salesmanship experience to AirplanesUSA.

Chris, as he is better known, is an FAA Commercial / Instrument / Single and Multi-Engine rated pilot with over 5,000 flight hours.  He is also an FAA Certified Flight Instructor (CFII) whom has trained numerous international students throughout the years.

Chris was born in Morristown, New Jersey and trained in Norman, Oklahoma near the Federal Aviation Administration’s headquarters.  He has also lived in South America and in the Florida Keys where he ran his own flight school and initially became involved in aircraft sales withAirplanesUSA.

In 2013, Chris experienced an inflight emergency which resulted in a successful water ditching and rescue whereby his piloting skills were praised and recognized in a featured article in Flying Magazine.

Having experience flying a variety of complex aircraft, Chris enjoyed delivering aircraft of all types and models all across the United States. He even flew on the proclaimed hit television program, “Airplane Repo”, on the “Discovery Channel”.

Chris is bilingual (English/Spanish) and now resides in Argentina once again where he is able to assist fellow aviators with their aircraft buying and selling needs within Argentina as well as the neighboring countries of Paraguay, Uruguay, and Chile.

AirplanesUSA appreciates Chris’s experience, knowledge, and professionalism and is glad to have him on our team.