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An International "Thank You"!

Panama - The Suero Family shows their appreciation to Manny Camacho of AirplanesUSA of Florida for assisting with the acquisition and importation of their first of several single and multi-engine aircraft.

Dear "Captain Manny",

Buying an aircraft and relying solely on a seller´s description is not an easy task. But after buying several airplanes through AirplanesUSA, I have come to realize that your acquisition approach on our behalf is even more demanding than our very own.  You have always managed to surpass our expectations!

You don´t just sell airplanes, Manny.  You provide a special service that makes everyone feel comfortable and absolutely secure throughout their transactions due to your friendly support and dedication.

Latest mission accomplished. The Seneca II is now at its new home after your most excellent work which covered even the smallest of details.

Your professionalism, knowledge, honesty, and dedication to providing a high quality professional service always makes the difference!

Just as we exclaimed after our very first purchase:  "GRACIAS, MANNY!"

Mr. Eduardo Suero and Family - Panamá 

Hi Manny,

I don´t know if I should thank you or not, LOL!  :)
I had no idea that you would sell my airplane so fast when I signed up with AirplanesUSA - less then a week after the start of your marketing!  I was hoping that it would have taken longer so that I could fly my airplane a few more times, but alas your salesmanship won out and I had to say goodbye.

I would recommend AirplanesUSA without hesitation. A very pleasant experience and you took care of everything!

Thanks again,
Mr. Bill O´Neil
Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Thank you very much for making the sale of my Piper Chieftain a quick and painless experience.

I am pleasantly surprised at how you were able to find a qualified buyer within two months. You were very helpful in guiding me through the negotiation process, all the details of the inspection, and the purchase. Thanks again for your fine work.

My experience with AirplanesUSA has been a very positive one.

All the best,
Mr. Jim DeCrescenzo
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

To: Aircraft owners considering listing their aircraft with AirplanesUSA:

When you get ready to sell your airplane, make sure you are really ready!

Manny Camacho excels at this!  He spends the time to get the details to market your airplane from the get go and when he pushes the button to make it live – it doesn’t take a long time until it’s time to put a SOLD sign on your airplane!  For us it was one day while we expected it to take at least a few months.

Manny takes the time to explain the process up front so that you know what to expect and that is one of the secrets to his success. He is a professional from the beginning to the end and has the expertise to make a complex transaction easier on the buyer and seller.

I would consider Manny first and foremost for any aviation related transaction and recommend him without hesitation. 

Be sure you are ready because he doesn’t waste any time to get the job done and get it done right.  Thanks Manny!

Mrs. Pam Palmieri
Milan, Michigan

Dear Manny,

After trying to sell both my Piper Saratoga and Piper Archer for a year on my own, I finally decided to seek the help of a professional. I am sure glad that I did. I really enjoyed working with you.

You managed to sell both of my airplanes in a short period of time at prices that were above what I really expected.

Your timeliness on all matters is to be commended. I believe that you were able to quickly close on the deals by answering all of the buyer´s questions in a timely fashion and having all of the paperwork in order for both the buyers and myself.

I really appreciated that you were always very straight forward and honest with me. You always told me what you thought needed to be completed in order to expedite the sale of my airplanes. I know that you were very honest with the buyers too. There were no surprises on either end when the buyers came to inspect the airplanes.

I would highly recommend you and AirplanesUSA Aircraft Sales to anyone wanting to sell an airplane.

Mr. Tracy Benson
Robards, Kentucky


As posted in "LinkedIn":

Manny is great to work with. When I say that he´s the BEST at buying and selling airplanes, I know what I´m taking about.

After all, four of the eight airplanes at our flight school I have gotten thru Manny.  Trust me, you can´t go wrong with him.

Top Qualities: Great Results, Expertise, High Integrity

Mr. Nick Schillen
Owner - NS Aviation
Hollywood, Florida

After yet another transaction...

Thanks for all the excellent work, Manny.

I like the way you coordinated everything, and make it happen in the most effective and timely manner.  I know you worked hard at making the whole process easy.  Nick

Regarding our Beechcraft Sierra purchase, I would highly recommend Manny Camacho and AirplanesUSA.

The depth, thoroughness, and honesty (plus lots of high quality photos) in the marketing advertisements helped us narrow our search.

Additionally, the rapid responses Manny provided to our queries ensured our continued interest. Once we arrived in Florida for the pre-buy inspection, we quickly realized that the aircraft was just as advertised! That is a big relief when travelling half-way across the country to buy an airplane. The whole process was quick and very well done!

In short, Manny honestly represented the airplane and did a professional job working with us as buyers.

Mr. Bill Arrington
Stillwater, Oklahoma

Dear Manny,

I want to thank you for the excellent manor in which you handled the brokering of my airplane.

First, I have to admit that because of my living in California and the airplane having been in Torrance, California, I was concerned that you might not be able to handle it properly, and so I shopped around for other brokers around the country. Partly because of what I considered outrageous charges by other brokers, I decided to give you a try.

I have to tell you, I was very impressed and absolutely satisfied with every aspect of your service. The quality of your website, your expert guidance, the number of potential buyers provided, and your "hand-holding" every step of the way with almost daily calls and emails, all exceeded by far my expectations.

My standards are very high when it comes to service. My standards are rarely met, much less exceeded. You exceeded them. Thank you.

Please feel free to use me as a reference.

Mr. Steve Boswell
Los Angeles, California


I am writing to you to let you know I that really appreciate the extraordinary job that you did selling my Cessna 421.

From the moment that I met you at Boca Aviation I knew that I had selected the best broker for the job.

The care that you took to get the best pictures and detail of equipment was evident in the advertising package that attracted many more inquires than I expected in a market where sales of pressurized piston twins was not very active.

In the end, your professional attention to detail and follow-up along with your ability to advertise and sell in the U.S. and International markets produced a South American sale that I was very happy with. This could not have happened without your diligence and expertise.

Please feel free to use me as a reference.

Best regards,

Mr. Herb Amster
Tail Wind Air, Inc.
Boca Raton, Florida


Your work has been commendable Manny. Thank you.



Bruce D. Green, Esq.

Board Certified Aviation Lawyer
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Dear Manny,

Thank you for your guidance, overwhelming marketing efforts, and excellent advice. It was what I needed and I could not have done it without you. Despite a soft market, you stuck with it and I got what I wanted for my Saratoga SP.

I especially appreciate you making a special trip by flying in from Fort Lauderdale to look at my Saratoga and taking additional photos.

Apparently, your marketing reach goes around the world, as the buyer was from Germany!

I feel good about the transaction - knowing that I have turned over a great airplane in good shape.

Thanks again for a great job!

Mr. Alexander B. Trevor
Sanibel, Florida

Manny and Tom,

I have only one comment to the advertising that you guys have done and the responsiveness and professionalism you have shown.

That comment is . . . . .  "WOW!!"

Thank you,

Ron Fiedler
Prescott, Arizona 

Hey Manny,

Thank you for your persistence in getting our Beechcraft A36 sold!

This is a tough market but you marketed our aircraft well and found us a buyer. We really did feel the personal attention throughout the sales process and your communication was great (even when you were stuck in Germany - grounded by the volcano in Iceland!). You kept us up to speed all along the way.

Your service was just great! Please do not hesitate to use us as a reference.  Thanks again for all your help and kind consideration.

Mr. Tom May and Mr. Gus Monroig
Lauderhill, Florida

To whom it may concern,

I confidently recommend Manny Camacho at AirplanesUSA. He has sold 2 airplanes for me (Saratoga II TC, Cessna 340) when I was unable to sell them myself.

Manny provided good advice, readable paperwork, excellent exposure, and availability. His demeanor has always been relaxed and pleasant with terrific service to fairly accommodate both the buyer and the seller in generating a win-win environment where a deal can get done.

My thanks to Manny!

Anthony Mork M.D.
Defuniak Springs, Florida

Hi Manny,

Well, it was bitter sweet this morning.  I took Bruce (the Buyer) up for a little orientation flight and he loved the airplane.  Sure was sad to see our Beechcraft F33A leave for good. 

Thank you for all your help in accomplishing the transaction.  It was great having you and your company handle all the paperwork and taking it out of our hands and off our minds. 

Everything went smoothly and you did a great job.  Thanks again Manny.

Mr. Tim Bellury
Fayetteville, Georgia

THANK YOU MANNY @ AIRPLANES USA for selling my C-150 in a short and painless period of time.

The buyers from Waco Flying Service in Texas were not only impressed with the aircraft they were also very impressed with you, Manny!  They told me that you were the best broker of all the ones they had dealt with.

I am very glad that I chose your services. THANKS AGAIN MANNY!!!

Mr. Don Boll
Foley, Alabama

Dear Manny,

Thank you for all of your help selling my 1995 Piper Saratoga SP.

Prior to enlisting AirplanesUSA I had tried to sell the plane on my own. It was difficult, too many calls from tire kickers and non-interested buyers. My time was wasted fielding unqualified phone calls and emails. At least three times I had a person call and say the "check was in the mail"!

You brought a thorough level of professionalism to the sales process. I appreciate your method of qualifying prospects, handling calls, and managing the process. Best of all, getting to know you personally and getting your candid opinion about each prospect meant a lot.

You have been great Manny. Commission well-earned.

Best Regards,
Mr. John R. Nelson
New Smyrna Beach, Florida

To anyone interested in using Manny and AirplaneseUSA,

I can´t say enough good things about Manny and AirplanesUSA.

Manny recently sold my Mooney and, three years ago, my father´s C-182. We both could not have been happier with the experience!

He became a total expert about the particularities of my unique airplane. Both sales were to out-of-town buyers and he helped set up the pre-buy inspections and took care of all the paperwork. The experience could not have been easier! Both sets of buyers were also highly satisfied.

If I ever buy or sell another airplane I will certainly use Manny again!

Mr. Don Colbacchini
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida


Thanks for all your help.

The plane was as listed, and Bob, the owner, was very helpful.

The plane flew great and I would use your services again.

Mr. Monte Tuffs
Tuff Automation Inc.
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Dear Manny,

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your assistance in the sale of my 1998 Saratoga SP. The transaction went smoothly and your selling an airplane in 25 days says something about your professionalism and reputation in the industry.

I also appreciate you handling the buyers along with keeping me abreast of the details along the way. You always made yourself available and pre-qualified prospects, which was a great relief to me.

I highly recommend you and AirplaneUSA Aircraft Sales to anyone and look forward to working with you in the future.

I know this sounds cliche but you really are my "broker for life."

Mr. Robert Keshvari
Millennium Air, LLC
Tampa, Florida


I can not thank you enough for the professional manner in which you brokered my Cherokee Warrior. Your organization is efficient, your presentation of the airplane was excellent and you certainly know how to work with all of the parties for a smooth and satisfying aircraft transfer.

This is the third aircraft sale that I have witnessed the professionalism of your AirplanesUSA organization. The first two were planes owned by my friends and the third was my plane which you recently sold. All three planes were sold quickly and efficiently as a result of your competence and skill. I would highly recommend you and your organization, AirplanesUSA, to broker any airplane! Thank you and well done.

Mr. Charles Newcomb
Coral Springs, Florida


I want to thank you and Steve Feldman in Chicago for your extremely professional, friendly and courteous assistance in what was a somewhat (read very) difficult long distance purchase. I couldn´t have done it without the great team at AirplanesUSA!

I knew from the start of my search to buy an airplane that you never get rich playing another man´s game, so I turned to the pros and saved myself a lot of grief and money.

This is my first airplane after so many years as a renter pilot and you guys made it work. Your experience is priceless.

Mr. John Del Baglivo
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Dear Manny and Steve,

I´d like to take this opportunity to thank you for all you help regarding the sale of our Piper Aztec.

Being based in London, England, I was a little apprehensive about committing to the Atlantic ferry flight but, from that very first phone call, I had the feeling I was in safe hands.

To find an agent willing to source a ferry pilot, recommend a US insurance broker, negotiate the best local FBO tie-down rates, and arrange to have a mechanic do some minor maintenance is indeed a rarity.

You are both true professionals and offer a wealth of advice and guidance along with a very friendly service. I realize that there was additional work involved with the sale of this airplane for the both of you. However, you managed to provide me with honest, realistic and frequent advice on how to progress with the sale while keeping me informed of each of your leads.

We had previously listed the aircraft with another broker who offered neither the assistance, nor the wealth of leads that you guys managed to get.

Your commitment to trying to "close the deal" was obvious. I would absolutely have no hesitation in recommending AirplanesUSA to any fellow pilot looking to either buy or sell an aircraft, and I look forward to meeting you again next time you fly to the U.K.

Best Regards,
Mr. Ciaran Doyle
London, England

Dear Manny,

As I have said several times before, I was very lucky to find you!

Doing an aircraft transaction like this, thousands of miles apart, is terrifying and I could not do without an honest person behind me.

I really appreciated all your help. Thanks for everything.

Best wishes,
Mr. Fabio Nunes
Curitiba, Brazil

Dear Manny,

I want to thank you for the many excellent ways in which you have handled the sale of both my "Cessna 206" and the "Ercoupe". You have gone above and beyond what I expected from you as an aircraft broker.

I would be very proud to give your excellent performance a reference to any future client. Thanks again for a job well done!

Your Very Happy Client,
Mr. Jack Hurt
Merritt Island, Florida

To Whom It May Concern:

It has been my privilege to work with Manny Camacho, of AirplanesUSA; regarding our recent purchase of a Piper Saratoga II TC. Manny handled our transaction with a high degree of integrity, professionalism, and diligence. His attention to detail and his unwavering dedication made the acquisition and transition of our aircraft seamless. We at LanMark International, Inc. appreciate, very much, his assistance and professionalism.

If you have any questions or concerns about Manny, I´d be more than happy to discuss my professional experience of him.

Respectfully Submitted,
Mr. Steven A. Bishop, President
LandMark International, Inc.
Orem, Utah


I would not hesitate to recommend you to broker an aircraft for anyone.

You do your homework on the aircraft that you are selling and the fact that you have plenty of years behind you as a pilot makes you even more knowledgeable and equitable to your business.

You are one of the nicest, honest and sincerest fellows I have ever met, especially when it comes to a business acquaintance.

Thank you,
Mr. Jim Mullin
Petersburg, Virginia

Hi again Manny:

Despite two successfull long-distance aircraft transactions with you, we still hardly know each other. Yet, I just want to tell you a couple of things.

First, I am a Christian man and truly believe that God worked on my behalf in attaining such a quick sale with such a nice person. So I give Him the credit.

Second, I know He blessed me with you as my broker and want to thank you for your efforts in this matter. I REALLY appreciate your services.

Lord willing, I would like to own another airplane in the future and, if and when the time is right, I plan on calling you again!

May God bless you and your family.

Your friend,
Mr. David Hill
Raleigh, North Carolina

Hello Manny, 

You are a pleasure to work with. 

It´s good to deal with a broker that answers the phone, returns emails, and is honest and pleasant to deal with. 

Mr. Brian Miller - Associate Broker
Lear Stevens Aviation Inc.
Chesapeake, Virginia

Hi Manny!

Your handling of all of the details made the sale of our Piper Lance as painless as possible. I really appreciated that you kept all of your commitments and went out of your way to complete the transaction.

Thanks again for giving us your best efforts. I will make it a point to recommend you any time that I have the opportunity!

Best wishes,
Mr. Don Bednar
Miami Lakes, Florida


The flight (to Canada) went perfectly and was a real pleasure.

I wanted to thank you for all of your assistance with the purchase of my aircraft. I appreciated your assistance and approach.

Thanks once again for playing an important role in helping make a lifelong dream of mine come true -- owning my own plane!

Best wishes!
Mr. Daniel Watson
Ontario, Canada

Thank you Manny,

For all you did to make our purchase of our Cessna 206 possible.

Even though we live in South Dakota and our plane was in Florida, you made it seem like we were buying from our local FBO. From picking us up at the airport and bringing us to N307AC, to answering all our questions that first time aircraft buyers have, you were great!

Thanks for being patient,
Mr. John Schreurs
Baltic, South Dakota

Dear Manny and Rey,

Thanks so much for everything. We truly love the airplane and were telling people all across the country that we bought it from friends in Florida. And, we truly feel that way. Thanks so much for all of your help. You both were terrific.

Thanks for an amazing dinner and the food was good too! It was wonderful meeting your wives.

We had such an adventure crossing the country! Wow! You will have to make a trip to San Diego so that we can tell you all about it and return the hospitality. But, take a bigger plane! :)

Thanks so much,
Mr. & Mrs. Arie Van Vugt
San Diego, California


Thank you for all of your help and patience as we worked through my purchase process. This was all new to me as a first-time aircraft buyer.

You can be sure that when there is a plane to be sold or bought by me or my pilot friends, I will recommend you and AirplanesUSA.

Mr. Phil Meador
Lexington, Kentucky

Dear Manny,

I want to thank you for making the sale of my aircraft not only a pleasurable transaction but, as you mentioned in a note to me, the beginning of a friendship.

Your honesty, wit and advice are always welcome!

Without hesitation, I would recommend AirplanesUSA Aircraft Sales to anyone looking to sell an airplane. As a fellow pilot, I appreciated your thorough, methodical approach and I am sure the same would be reflected in any aircraft that I might purchase from you in the future as well.

All the best,
Mr. Ray Swanson
Richmond, Virginia

Dear Manny,

Thank you for your efficient and fantastic service in regards to the sale of my Piper Arrow and Cherokee 180.

You made the entire process simple and hassle-free. Plus, you were able to get my full asking price!

The Aircraft Title and Escrow Company that you suggested was very professional as well.

You are not only a great salesman, Manny, you are an honest one! I will surely recommend you to all of my friends and I look forward to using your services again as soon as I am ready to purchase my next airplane!

Thank you,
Mr. Jean-Louis Denis
Dania Beach, Florida

   Thanks Manny!

I hated to see her go but it had to be. 

You did a great job!

Dr. Jack Glover (Retired)
West Palm Beach, Florida

Manny and Tom,

Thanks for making the purchase of my Piper Dakota a very enjoyable one!

Best wishes,
Bill Newman, MD
Austin, Texas

(This customer purchased a Mooney 231 in Florida and flew it to Chile):

Dear Manny and friends,

The flight home ended in the most wonderful way.  Four planes from my Aero Club joined us on our final leg.  Our ferry flight ended in a very nice formation!

Once we landed, we were treated to a nice BBQ and some wine.

The "Queen of our Hangar" is now at her new home.  She performed as expected and beyond!  Everything worked just fine.

The Mooney received a warm welcome and my mechanic was very impressed with the airplane. He had only words of approval as he opened various inspection covers.

Thank you for your very professional work and commitment to excellence!

Best wishes.
Mr. Raúl
Temuco, Chile

Thank you Manny,

Will definitely use you again - you made the selling process painless!

Brian Slaga
San Antonio, Texas

To whom it may concern,

Manny Camacho of AirplanesUSA brokered the sale of our Aztec.

It was a difficult job since the aircraft had not been flown for a year and was out of annual. Manny stuck to this through thick and thin and got it sold!

I recommend Manny and his association highly!

Mr. Robert D. Witte
President, Westchester Aviation Corporation
Hollywood, Florida

Dear AirplanesUSA team,

I just wanted to say thanks to you and your staff for completing the sale of my Glasair FT.

I especially wanted to acknowledge Tom Robertson for his special knowledge and extra efforts in helping me and the buyer during this process.

Should you ever have need of an appreciative customer´s recommendation, please feel free to give them my name and number!

Thanks again,
Mr. Jim Osborn
Phoenix, Arizona



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